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Board & Staff Information


Board of Directors

Mindy Raymond, Chairperson - Film
Kevin Lee Plunkett, Vice-Chair - Restaurants
Kaye Sapikas, Treasurer - History
Brenda Abbott, Secretary - Venues/Special Events
Veena Tewani, Board Member - Hotel/Lodging 
Shawn Anthea-Pletsch, Board Member - At Large
Jamie Creacy, Board Member - Outdoors/Recreation
Keith Spinden - Hyatt Regency Lost Pines
Naseem Khonsari, Board Member - Retail
Tom Dickey, Nightlife & Entertainment
Terry Moore, Sports 
Marcus O'Connor, Board Member - At Large
Kathy Danielson, Ex Officio
Susan Smith, Ex Officio
Becki Womble, Ex Officio



Susan Smith, President/CEO
Ashton LaFuente, Marketing Manager
Christy Hunn, Marketing Coordinator
Cherry Kay Abel, Director of Sales
Carrie Zimmerman, Support Specialist


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