Don’t miss more than 130 entries - from fanciful floats to fire trucks, unicycles to vintage cars, dancing Honey Bears to dignitaries, from Santa’s helpers to the big man himself. Join us on December 9th for this annual parade. Produced by the City of Bastrop, this joyful Bastrop tradition lights up the Bastrop Lost Pines Christmas festivities. 

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The City of Bastrop

Bastrop preserves the heritage, history and natural surroundings that draw visitors here from every destination. Our people and places are deeply influenced by a diverse ancestry that includes Native Americans, Spanish explorers, American southerners, German immigrants, republic settlers, African-Americans, Mexicans and a variety of other people from every walk of life. Each of these influences has left a mark on Bastrop and made it a Texas town unique in nature.

The city was incorporated under the laws of Texas on December 18, 1837, and many of the original landmarks, stories and families remain, giving visitors a literal walk through time. The Old Iron Bridge, built in 1923, is now a scenic walkway and bike trail that’s the perfect place for a stroll or sharing the local tradition of spittin’ off the bridge, inspired by The Andy Griffith Show.

Bastrop & Bastrop County also boast plenty of modern-day spirit, with more than 75,000 people now calling the area home. Many movies have been shot in or around Bastrop, including 2008’s Fireflies in the Garden and 2010’s Predators. There’s a thriving local arts scene, anchored by the Deep in the Heart Art Foundry, the 1889 Bastrop Opera House and the new Jerry Fay Wilhelm Center for the Performing Arts. Schulman Theatres Lost Pines 8 offers first-run movies, bowling, a sports bar and more.

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