Bastrop Dining

 Key to that world-famous Texas hospitality is honest-to-goodness, homemade comfort food. The quintessential town of Bastrop overflows with a sumptuous spread of Texas cookin’ and so much more: American, Mexican, Chinese, Greek, and Italian cuisine round out the Bastrop food scene, all with that Texas warmth you’ve come to expect on a trip to the heart of the great state of Texas. 

The Best Restaurants

Whether homey, hip, fine, or casual, the restaurant selection in Bastrop is diverse. It is easy to saunter through Bastrop’s charming downtown and taste your way through one of Texas’s most revered towns. Bastrop is home to award-winning chefs, renowned beverage-makers, and authentic foodies who make the town a diner’s dream destination. People travel from all over to get a taste of Bastrop’s famous homemade pies, griddle cakes, local farm fare, and so much more. 

Wake to the welcoming scent of fresh baked goods and warm coffee as you ease into the day. Stroll the streets of this quaint Texas town and munch handmade culinary creations while you admire art galleries, charming boutiques, and artisan shops. Snag a delicious sandwich to bring with you on a hike through Bastrop State Park. By night, tuck into a dish of freshly cooked catfish as you sit along the shore of the Colorado River. After a long day kayaking on the river, there’s nothing quite like sitting down to a post-paddling platter of shrimp or cooked-to-crispy-perfection chicken-fried steak. 

From tacos to sweets, cozy cafes to outdoor riverside dining, and everything in between, Bastrop is home to incredible chefs and cuisine. Relaxing patios, casual dining, and comfort food create an unforgettable atmosphere for a memorable trip. Learn more about Bastrop’s delightfully eclectic dining options by searching our listings!

And Great Drinks

Bastrop is also home to world-class beverage makers. Concocting a variety of wine, beer, and spirits, Bastrop boasts an impressive list of luscious libations to relax with. Whether you’re looking for that perfect beverage to enhance your next Texan meal or help you unwind after a strenuous day on the hiking trail (or on the shopping trail!), every craft spirit, handcrafted wine, or carefully brewed beer bears the distinctive and warming flavors of the Lost Pines region. 

From small-batch distilleries, beautiful family wineries, and comfortable restaurants serving cold local beer on draught and handcrafted margaritas, there is no shortage of friendly fuel in Bastrop. Find out more about the incredible wine, beer, and spirit options in Bastrop!

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