Come visit us for Bastrop's Juneteenth Celebration. Activities include a BBQ cook-off, parade, street dance and a car, truck and motorcycle show. From a 5-star resort and luxury yurts to cozy cabins and a Victorian B&B, there are a lot places to rest and recharge in-between event. Read on for details surrounding one of the best Juneteenth celebrations in Texas:


Bastrop State Park


For more than 70 years, folks have visited Bastrop State Park to enjoy its history and marvel at the Lost Pines. Through devastation and restoration, the park has continued to be a staple stop for visitors and locals to bask in the wild beauty of nature. The Bastrop State Park offers a variety of activities and amenities that are great for the entire family to enjoy or even just yourself! You can camp, picnic, swim, ride bikes, hike, fish, geocache, take in a nature program, and look for wildlife. Find your adventure here!


Bastrop State Park Amenities: 


The park offers overnight lodging including several different campsites that provide separate amenities, a variety of historic cabins to choose from, and group sites that are equipped with group halls, dorms, and space for tents. 

Cabin By Trees


The Bastrop State Park Swimming Pool is the perfect place to relax and cool off during the warm months of May to September. Managed by the Bastrop YMCA, the pool offers aquatic programs such as public/private swim lessons for youth and adults, aqua fitness programs, party rentals, and lap swimming!

Kids Jumping Into Swimming Pool


Enjoy fishing in the ½-acre Lake Mina! Avoid the hassle of having to go out and purchase all the necessary finishing equipment because Bastrop State Park will lend it all to you! There is no fishing license required due to it being a community fishing lake.



Did you know that Bastrop, TX is home to 366 different species of birds AND we're located along the prolific route that millions of birds take on their way to South America and back during their biannual migration? Grab your binoculars and your birding friends and head to the park for the chance to spot one of these winged beauties. View our Ultimate Birdwatching Guide! 

Brian's Bird - Painted Bunting


With seven miles of beautiful scenery, you're not going to want to miss out on experiencing Bastrop State Park's hiking trail! Explore the growing forest, look for the new generation of loblolly pines, and witness the resilience of nature.

Hike Bastrop State Park



Bike or drive the scenic Park Road 1C between Bastrop and Buescher State Parks. The hilly 12-mile road takes you through recovering and forested areas of the Lost Pines. A beautiful and relaxing way to free your mind or to simply breathe in the fresh air.

Man Biking Through Wooded Path


Geocaching is a modern-day treasure hunt! People hide geocaches everywhere—from just down the street to the most remote wilderness areas. Many are hidden in our state park! Geocaches range from very small (like a film canister) to large (such as a metal lunch box). Many are camouflaged, but they are not buried. Geocaches hold things like a log book to sign your name, tradable items for kids and adults, and more!


Ask how to become a Junior Ranger at headquarters! Learn about nature by drawing, writing and observing with your explorer pack, loaded with tools for exploring the park!


Adventure Awaits You