Visit Bastrop Board of Directors Application

The Visit Bastrop Nominating Committee is now accepting applications for candidates to fill various positions on the Visit Bastrop Board of Directors. The Board of Directors guides the organization's strategic direction by providing valuable insights and leadership to ensure Visit Bastrop meets its strategic goals while remaining aligned with its mission. If you know someone who would contribute positively to the Visit Bastrop Board, we encourage you to nominate them or apply yourself. The Visit Bastrop Nominating Committee will review all applications submitted and select a slate of nominees for consideration and approval at our July Board Meeting. 

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Visit Bastrop Board of Directors Application

Application Submission

By submitting this application, I understand that if selected to serve on the Board of Directors, there is a mandatory attendance policy to remain in good standing on the board. I must support the mission statement and purpose of Visit Bastrop; support the chief executive officer and help assess his/her job performance;
ensure adequate resources for Visit Bastrop to run effectively; help determine, monitor and strengthen programs and services; enhance the organization’s public image; ensure legal and ethical integrity; maintain accountability; and recruit and orient future board members


If not chosen for the next term on the Visit Bastrop Board of Directors, may we keep your application for consideration for a future board?

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