The film-friendliest town in Texas, Bastrop has welcomed filmmakers for years. In fact, Bastrop County has officially been named the “Film Hospitality Capital of Texas,” a title that recognizes the region’s decades-long history of hosting production crews for everything from blockbuster movies to national commercials. Affordable with several accommodating locations, Bastrop has hosted movies like Friday Night Lights, Bernie and Hope Floats, and TV series such as Fear the Walking Dead and Lonesome Dove. Here are some of the top film sites you can visit:

The Best Bastrop Film Sites

The Gas Station 

Film: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

The Gas Station

A cannibalistic chainsaw-wielding murder put this place on the map and now you can shop for memorabilia there, chow on killer BBQ and even spend the night. There are a tent campsite and four small green cabins you can stay in right behind the store.

Bastrop County Courthouse 

Film: Bernie (2014)

Bastrop County Courthouse

Well worth the photo op, the Bastrop County Courthouse serves as the San Augustine County courtroom during the trial scenes in Bernie where District Attorney, Danny Buck (Matthew McConaughey) makes the case against Bernie Tiede (Jack Black). Outside on the courthouse lawn, the gazebo in front of the Bastrop County Jail is where town gossip, Kay McCabe (played by Matthew McConaughey's mother, Kay McConaughey), filmed some of her most memorable scenes.

Lost Pines Forest at Bastrop State Park 

Films: Boyhood (2014), Thunder and Ash (2014), Prince Avalanche (2013), Master of the Game (2002)

Hike Bastrop State Park

Turns out Bastrop’s natural beauty is also a natural place to film several movies and TV series. In the film Boyhood with Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette, it serves as the spot where Mason and Samantha visit his wife’s parents’ ranch.

Elbert S. Orgain House 

Film: Angels Sing (2013)

Elbert Orgain House

One of the more stunning historic homes in Bastrop, it is also the home featured in Angels Sing, a touching Christmas film starring Harry Connick, Jr. See this home, along with many others, on the Historical Homes driving tour (you can also pick up a hard copy of the driving guide at the Bastrop Museum & Visitor Center). Remember it is private home, so please do be respectful of the residents when you stop by for photos.

Lake Bastrop 

Film: Friday the 13th (1980)

Lake Bastrop

Sometimes horror happens and this classic film happened right here in Bastrop. Although the party house (Trent’s Summer cabin) was not on a lake, the owner built a dam at a creek to create a sizeable pond where they shot smaller set-ups and tied it all in with Lake Bastrop. Three lakes were pieced together to create Crystal Lake.

In addition to those sites, you’re also welcome to indulge your inner film buff on the Bastrop County Film Trail featuring locations from films like Hope Floats (2013) and Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014). For a full list of films and TV series shot in Bastrop, visit Film Bastrop and plan your trip today to see them all.

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