We’re going all out on our Bastrop Juneteenth Celebration with a block party, parade, and car, truck and motorcycle show. From a 5-star resort and luxury yurts to cozy cabins and a Victorian B&B, there are also lots of places to rest and recharge for the next event here. Read on for details on one of the best Juneteenth celebrations in Texas:

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    Visit Bastrop
    Request for Qualifications

    Visit Bastrop is the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for the City of Bastrop. Visit Bastrop is charged with marketing one of Texas’s most historic communities for tourism, sports, conventions, meetings, and special events. Visit Bastrop is seeking proposals for a marketing and public relations agency. If you want to partner with Visit Bastrop, please respond by May 31, 2023.  Email copies should be submitted to the primary contacts listed below. Responses should include past experiences, especially with small destinations. Proposals should include a timeframe for your process along with your fee schedule.

    Finalists will be asked to produce a short 15-minute video presentation of their proposal.  All proposals will be treated confidentially.

    Scope of Work

    The selected agency will deliver creative, original, and effective professional services working as collaborative partners in developing, implementing, and optimizing world-class marketing programs to further accelerate Bastrop's growth as a travel destination to state, regional, and national markets.

    Budgets for this work will be funded through the City of Bastrop Hotel Occupancy Tax funds (HOT), primarily aiming to increase lodging occupancy taxes.

    Please visit www.visitbastrop.com to obtain a greater perspective of our destination.

    About Visit Bastrop - Welcome To It All!

    Welcome to Bastrop, Texas—an original Texas town with a fresh approach to life. A genuine destination where all-inclusive means everyone’s invited. The moment you cross our iconic Old Iron Bridge and step foot on our charming downtown streets, you’ll feel welcomed. Welcome To It All. It all starts with a stroll down Main Street, followed by an epic outdoor adventure, then mix in some live music and top it off with a mouthwatering meal. And that’s just half of it. We welcome you to make yourself at home, create your next story and enjoy our special brand of Texas hospitality.

    Brand Voice

    Established - We speak from a place of experience, and we have the history to support us. We are proud of our expertise, and prouder still to share it with others. This provides the foundation of our communications.

    Hospitable - Our hospitality comes through no matter what we are talking about. It is more than being welcoming—it is creating a sense of home. We offer this invitation to everyone to share in our experiences together.

    Sincere - We are honest and authentic, and sincerity sets the tone of our voice. As the experts, we aim to be helpful and genuine in our approach.

    Charming - Approachable and relatable, we connect with others on a deeper level and have the ability to easily attract interest. It is this connection we foster and curiosity we create that makes us charming.

    Lively - With an upbeat attitude and an intuitive sense of adventure, our lively nature is not only heard but can be felt when we speak. This enthusiasm matched with our easy-going attitude sounds positive and encourages others to join in.

    Confident - The experiences we offer, the history that supports us, and the welcoming nature of our community, allow us to speak with conviction. With this confidence in our voice, others can trust what we say. When we say, “Welcome To It All,” we mean it!

    Brand Values

    Camaraderie - As a community we are tight-knit, and we strive to share this sense of friendship and trust with all who come to spend some time with us. The sense of belonging we foster is what brings visitors back time and time again. Ready to join in our celebration and become a part of our story?

    Inclusivity - “Welcome,” means everyone’s invited—no question. This is our unique brand of Southern hospitality, and we invite you to see it for yourself. Whether it’s in a wave “go ahead” as you cross the street, or a local making you feel at home, in Bastrop you will feel welcome to be a part of our community.

    Authenticity - As an original Texas town, we are as authentic in our history as it gets—but it’s more than that. Our genuine spirit of welcome, our geographic location and our unique product offering show what our authenticity is all about.

    Tradition - What other city has a tradition of spitting off the local bridge into the Colorado River? Not only do we value our traditions, we value yours too—if it is spending one week out of the summer horseback riding, zip-lining and perhaps even bridge-spitting, we love being a part of it.

    Family - Creating a place where families can bond and flourish, feeling as if they are home, is one of the things we are most proud of. From young families to multigenerational families, to friends who feel like family, we value your relationships and aim to support you as you create your stories together.

    Service - We believe that the quality of experiences you have starts with the people who help you on your journey. Therefore, we value providing visitors with service they will want to write home about. It starts with the feeling of welcome, makes strangers friends and ends with promises of return visits.

    Brand Position and Brand Promise

    Brand Positioning - From spirited adventures to historic Main Street charm, our unique experiences blend to create unforgettable experiences.

    Brand Promise - We promise to treat our visitors like family, providing them with unique opportunities to create a lifetime of one-of-a-kind experiences and unforgettable memories.

    Brand Pillars

    Main Street Heritage - Our history is our foundation. From Main Street and beyond, it had shaped who we are and the experiences we offer. We learn from it, evolve from it and share it with others.

    Hospitable Charm - An escape from the pace of everyday life, Bastrop greets you with open arms-hospitable and inclusive. We value our visitors in every way and show them an unforgettable time.

    Community Anecdotes - Our community has been resilient and proud, growing with time and crafting stories unlike any other. Every new day brings a unique story for our community to build upon and share.

    Spirited Adventures  - From moonshine to sculpture design and sunset strolls to moonlit paddle board tours – we got it all and more. With so many good times waiting to be had, you’ll want to stay a while.

    Brand Foundation

    Main Street Heritage
    + Community Anecdotes
    + Hospitable Charm
    + Spirited Adventures
    = The Unique Bastrop Visitor Experience

    Primary Contacts

    Please submit RFQ's to: 

    • Susan Smith | President/CEO | 512.332.8991 | susan@visitbastrop.com
    • Ashton LaFuente | Director of Marketing | 512.332.8993 | ashton@visitbastrop.com
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