Bastrop prides itself on its deep connection to Hispanic culture and heritage, which is why, if you’re in town this April, a stop by this festival is an absolute must. Join us at the very first Festival De La Cultura, a two-day celebration of Hispanic heritage. This family-friendly, authentic fiesta will feature a wide array of talented artists, authentic cuisine, and much more.

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The Kleinert Building

  • 910 Main St
  • Bastrop, TX 78602
he Kleinert Building is a single story building with pine flooring. The brick walls are approximately twelve inches thick and eighteen feet high with plaster on the inside. The back of the building has an upstairs dining room, which was added after the original construction. Additionally, a set of French doors have been added and lead into the Kesselus Building. The outside is distinguished by tin cornice and finials. Carl Kleinert originally ran a general goods store. In 1884, he decided to rent the building to A.L. Hoppe. Hoppe rented the building until 1891 and ran the Exchange Saloon. The last renter while Carl owned the building was H.B. Mistrot & Co., a general store. After Carl’s death, his wife, Marie Kleinert, sold the store to their son, Alex Kleinert. From 1906 to 1912 the building housed a grocery store, and in the early 1920s the Bastrop Chamber of Commerce resided in the space. In the early 1930s, the Kleinert Building went back to its roots and housed a store again. In 1931 the store was sold to another owner, which ended the sixty-three year period of Kleinert family ownership. Since the Kleinert ownership, the building has been rented by the owners to various businesses, most recently a restaurant.