Bastrop turns red, white and blue with a fun-filled schedule of activities July 3rd, during the Bastrop Patriotic Festival at Fisherman's Park! 

Event Deets

Lost Pines Art Center

The Lost Pines Art Center, which opened its doors in December 2016, may well be Bastrop’s best-kept secret. But its supporters are working to assure this secret doesn’t last for long. Located in Downtown Bastrop near the Convention & Exhibit Center, this facility is ready for your next conference, reception, or group tour. Today, visitors enter the 12,000-square foot glass and metal building and are pleasantly surprised that it has free admission and is open seven days a week. You are greeted by one of the 150 members who docent as part of their commitment to the center. It could be mildly intimidating not knowing where to start. There is so much to see and experience. You stand in awe inside the expansive professional gallery two stories tall. There are member galleries, working studios and galleries on the second floor, classroom space, a gift gallery, and a wine and coffee shop. You are sure to meet at least one of the professional artists or see an artist in action.
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