Copper Shot Distillery

Copper Shot Distillery is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Stephen and Cheri Todee. Their journey started with Stephen's love of experimenting, engineering and the challenges of trying new things. Together They've created a business of "Producing Great Spirits". Copper shot distillery hand crafts all of their American distilled spirits on-site and in small batches. Small batches is what creates the quality and the best flavor. Crafting spirits is a very hands-on process and is a lot like science and engineering all in one. You can recognize any of their products with the business logo engraved copper shot glass on top of every bottle distributed. Hence how the name Copper Shot was created. The folks at Copper Shot love what they do and believe that you will love their products as much as they do. Give Copper Shot a try and see for yourself just how great the spirits are. Located in beautiful downtown Bastrop, TX on the Colorado River. Mixed drinks available on-site!
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