Texas will be centerstage for a total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024!  In Bastrop, at approximately 12:20 pm, the moon will start to block the sun causing an (almost) total solar eclipse. The sun is expected to eclipse until 2:25 pm. We're located right outside the path of totality, making Bastrop a great place to view the eclipse without having to maneuver the crowds. Get accurate Texas Eclipse viewing information and plan your trip to Bastrop for the 2024 Solar Eclipse!

Solar Eclipse in Bastrop

The Carafe Experience


Two Great Experiences
Coffee by Day.
Wine & Cocktails at Night.
Carafe offers a truly unique dining experience that combines multiple courses served with exquisite attention to detail. Indulge in delectable charcuterie boards and savor the flavors of carefully curated wine flights. Set in an intimate space, Carafe creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and quality time with your loved ones. Embrace the unhurried pace and fully immerse yourself in the Carafe experience, because you deserve this exceptional culinary journey. Currently, the Carafe Wine & Cocktail Experience is Thursday and Friday evenings and RESERVATION ONLY. Reserve your spot today!