Come visit us for Bastrop's Juneteenth Celebration. Activities include a BBQ cook-off, parade, street dance and a car, truck and motorcycle show. From a 5-star resort and luxury yurts to cozy cabins and a Victorian B&B, there are a lot places to rest and recharge in-between event. Read on for details surrounding one of the best Juneteenth celebrations in Texas:


Step Back in Time: Secrets Revealed on Historic Walking Tour


Step Back in Time: Bastrop's Secrets Revealed on Historic Walking Tour

In the heart of historic Bastrop, where citizens once fought fires with bucket brigades and water wagons, there stands a time-defying relic at 811 Main St. It is currently a restaurant, the oldest surviving downtown building from the devastating 1862 fire. “Firefighting back then would have been a physically demanding and dangerous task, requiring the willingness of the community to come together in times of crisis,” says local historian and former Bastrop mayor Ken Kesselus. He led a Historic District Walking Tour in downtown Bastrop earlier in the month and shared stories about historical buildings.

The next Historic District Walking Tour in downtown Bastrop is scheduled for Saturday, May18 at 10:00am with Judy Enis, a former local history teacher and a Board Officer of the Bastrop County Historical Society. “Bastrop is full of stories that I gladly share with others, especially about these historic buildings, which are all survivors of floods or fires, even time,” says Enis.

The 45-minute tours begin at the Bastrop Museum & Visitor Center, 904 Main St, and are free and open to the public.

Each May, the Bastrop Museum & Visitor Center presents the Historic District Walking Tour in downtown Bastrop during Historic Preservation Month as an educational and entertaining service to visitors and locals. Nicole DeGuzman, Executive Director of the Bastrop Museum & Visitor Center explains, “Learning about a town's history through a walking tour is particularly valuable because they take place within the actual historical setting. Standing in front of a historical building or landmark to learn its past allows you to visualize it in a way that can't be replicated by a quick online search.”

DeGuzman describes other features that historic walking tours include:

  • Engaging Storytelling: Tour guides, especially those like Kesselus and Enis, known storytellers, can weave interesting narratives around historical facts, figures, and local stories. This makes Bastrop’s history engaging and memorable.
  • Focus on Details: Walking tours can highlight architectural details, design elements, and other features you might miss on your own. This provides a deeper understanding of the past and the lives of the people lived in Bastrop and built it.
  • Uncovering a Slice of History: Tours can introduce you to lesser-known historical sites or stories you might not have discovered otherwise. This adds a layer of richness to your understanding of Bastrop and the lives its working people.
  • Connecting the Past to the Present: By learning about Bastrop’s history, you gain a deeper appreciation for its present character and development. You can see how the past and its growth has shaped the diverse community you see today.
  • Community Building: Tours are a fun way to connect with other people interested in Bastrop’s history. They can also foster a sense of pride and belonging within the community.

“Overall, our Historic District Walking Tour in downtown Bastrop offers an interactive and engaging way to learn about our town's past, making its history more personal and giving you a deeper connection to the place,” DeGuzman says. “Just be sure to bring water and wear your comfortable walking shoes for a great way to learn about the most historic small town in Texas - Bastrop!”

For more information about the Historic District Walking Tour in downtown Bastrop or about the Bastrop Museum & Visitor Center, call 512-303-0904.