Scream Hollow Wicked Summer Party!


Summer Party! Live Music, 4 Haunted Houses, a Bar, a Café and Bakery, a Gift Shop and more! It’s a Freaky, Spooky, Scary, Summer Party in the Woods and YOU are INVITED!
Friday and Saturday Nights
June 14-15 & 21-22, 2019.
7pm-Midnight - 4 Summer Nights Only!
Join us for a Wicked Summer Vacation: Clowns of Crystal Lake! (The Clowns ARE BACK!)

Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park is the total experience for Central Texas 2019. Offering you the rare opportunity to face your deepest fears… your darkest thoughts… and the twisted night terrors that haunt your dreams!

Scream Hollow throws 4 haunted house attractions at you with 20 acres of non-stop twists and turns through tree lined trails, narrow dark hallways and ridiculously terrifying rooms. The new “Lost Pines Asylum” and the restructured “Slaughterhouse – Lunatik’s Revenge” will certainly make the hair on the back of your neck stand with the intensity! (By the way, the clowns are back in the Slaughterhouse.) The Original Haunted “Mansion of Terror” is the icon of haunted attractions with Adele the Demoness standing watch to tell the story of history and demise. Also Enter our intense, Pitch Black Maze, “Wicked Darkness” for sensory overload in the mind-blowing darkness we call hell home.

Choose you path…in the New “Lost Pines Asylum” as it towers over the dense oak trees to create a terrifying experience you won’t want to miss. Enter if you dare into the Asylum to discover the bodies of a victims lost to horrible mental and physical experiments and ghastly diseases waiting for you on an autopsy table. Decide your fate with the splitting pathways. Get out before you’re the next one on the autopsy table…

Before and after you enter the Haunted attractions, experience the atmosphere and activities of our Common Area! Enjoy Live Music, photo ops, characters “on the loose”, seasonal vendors, merchandise, delicious concessions, and alcohol beverages. You don't have to enter the haunted houses if you are afraid...relax, eat, have a beer and listen to the live band if spooky is not your thing!

Scream Hollow features a Rabid Bat Beer & Wine Bar for all you Vampires and the Cackling Witch Café and Bakery that offers a home cooked selection as well as the made from scratch pizza. Baked goods and funnel cakes, possibly in the shape of a brain can be found for those with a sweet tooth.

Another new addition to Scream Hollow is the permanent restrooms. And, Yes, we have a real, used coffin in the women’s restroom that we have repurposed as a sink. And of course, Madam Tinker’s Gift Shop. Buy the T-shirt to prove you survived or pick up some scream hollow panties because you didn’t.

See you in June 2019 for the Wicked Summer Vacation!

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