Texas will be centerstage for a total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024!  In Bastrop, at approximately 12:20 pm, the moon will start to block the sun causing an (almost) total solar eclipse. The sun is expected to eclipse until 2:25 pm. We're located right outside the path of totality, making Bastrop a great place to view the eclipse without having to maneuver the crowds. Get accurate Texas Eclipse viewing information and plan your trip to Bastrop for the 2024 Solar Eclipse!

Solar Eclipse in Bastrop

Nick & Paige LIVE


Nick & Paige met the spring of 2011. After our first rehearsal, we found ourselves nestled up at a whiskey bar in Chicago. We bonded over old soul tunes and became instant best friends. Singing songs side by side night after night for a couple of years, exchanging quiet glances we grew to love one another in time.

Through our love and songs, we found ourselves in heavy times, our hearts called us to Austin, Texas in the fall of 2013 to tend to family. We left behind what felt like our entire lives but cultivated new found forever friendships and humble beginnings which made for great song-writing.

We recorded our self-produced EP in 2014 and later a full band EP in 2016. On March 28, 2020 we released our long awaited and first studio album, Ain't No Place to Be. We recorded this record with Nick Jay at Century Recordings in Dripping Springs. Special guest, Anthony Farrell from The Greyhounds is featured on keys. We are extremely excited to share this record with you and encourage you to follow us on Spotify and stream us on your favorite streaming services.

These last few years we endured our greatest losses and these songs echo the sentiments of survival and hope. Our sound has thumbprints of soul, spiritual and gospel influences, harmonies and hard truths sang with guts and grit.

Our greatest influences are our heavenly parents, Tracy Boettcher & Veronica DeChausse, and though one was a singer and one swung a hammer they enforced the importance of humility and humor, integrity, honesty and soul. We sing songs because we have to, we carry on phrases some couldn’t finish. Our latest record is dedicated to our parents.