Love Yourself Here Workshop


Are you ready to make a sustainable change in your life? Do you feel like there's more for you, but unsure how to get there?

Susie Trigg Tucker & Community Gardens present the Love Yourself Here workshop.

The Love Yourself Here to Get Yourself There philosophy was born from Susie's personal experience in realizing that the key to true inner change begins with embracing and loving ourselves where we stand today.

It's about separating our self-worth from our circumstances, embracing growth through strife, and cultivating an unbreakable belief in ourselves so that we can not only achieve our goals, but remain present on the road we travel to get there.

In this workshop Susie will teach participants how to:

*Identify and learn to rewire your limiting beliefs
*Learn the superpower you already have that will directly change the results in your life
*Realize the life-changing power of gratitude
*Visualize your future into reality with guided vision boarding

Whether your goals center around a change in health, relationships, career, or just to overall feel better about yourself, this workshop is for you! This is truly a day of self-care like any other!

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