With natural beauty like Bastrop’s, the call to play outside is an especially welcome one. Wander among the Lost Pines, drift along the Colorado River, and get a generous lung full of that gorgeous fresh air. Here are our picks for the best places to play in Bastrop for National Play Outside Day on February 5th, 2023.

Go Outside

Lindsay Beavers & Brad Stivers LIVE at Neighbor's Kitchen & Yard


When blues-rocking, soul-singing drummer, songwriter and bandleader Lindsay Beaver takes the stage, she makes an immediate and unforgettable impression. Standing front and center at her kit, singing every song from the depths of her soul, she delivers blues, R&B and old school rock ‘n’ roll with punk rock energy, and sings with a voice brimming with attitude and soulfulness. She comes at every song with urgent intensity, soul-baring emotion, a distinct swagger and a take-no-prisoners confidence. With influences ranging from Little Richard to The Ramones, from Billie Holiday to Queens of the Stone Age, Lindsay has crafted a timeless sound and personal style that simply cannot be denied.

One of the hottest new young singers and guitar players coming out of Austin, Texas, Brad Stivers is making a name for himself through his ferocious guitar playing and powerful signature vocal style. By blending elements of blues, soul, and rock and roll, Stivers has created a sound all his own while showing respect to the legends that came before him. 

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