Indigenous Peoples' Day at the Museum


Bastrop Museum & Visitor Center Hosts Indigenous Peoples' Day Celebration

The Bastrop Museum & Visitor Center is proud to announce a special event honoring Indigenous Peoples' Day. Join us at 904 Main St in Bastrop, Texas, on Monday, October 9, 2024, for a day of celebration and education recognizing the rich heritage and contributions of Indigenous communities. The event will take place from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM and will feature a variety of activities suitable for all ages.

The Indigenous Peoples' Day celebration will include the following activities:

  1. Opening Ceremony

    • The event will begin with a traditional opening ceremony, featuring blessings and performances by local Indigenous leaders.
  2. Guest Speakers and Lectures

    • Listen to presentations by Indigenous scholars and community leaders discussing the history, culture, and contemporary issues faced by Indigenous peoples.
  3. Cultural Demonstrations

    • Enjoy live demonstrations of traditional crafts such as beadwork, pottery, and weaving by skilled Indigenous artisans.
  4. Storytelling Sessions

    • Gather for storytelling sessions where Indigenous storytellers share traditional tales, myths, and legends, offering a glimpse into their rich oral traditions.
  5. Music and Dance Performances

    • Experience the vibrant music and dance of Indigenous cultures, with performances showcasing traditional drumming, singing, and dancing.
  6. Interactive Workshops

    • Participate in hands-on workshops where visitors of all ages can learn about Indigenous arts and crafts, language, and cultural practices.
  7. Documentary Screenings

    • Watch screenings of award-winning documentaries that highlight the histories and contributions of Indigenous peoples, followed by discussions with filmmakers or experts.
  8. Children's Activity Table

    • Children can engage in educational and fun activities at the Children's Activity Table, including coloring, crafts, and interactive games that teach about Indigenous cultures.
  9. Community Curated Exhibit

    • Explore a special exhibit curated in collaboration with local Indigenous community members, showcasing artifacts, art, and stories that reflect their heritage.
  10. Traditional Food Tasting

    • Sample traditional Indigenous foods and learn about the significance of these dishes in various cultures.

Nicole DeGuzman, Executive Director of the Bastrop Museum & Visitor Center, added, "We invite everyone to join us for this special day of education and celebration. Our goal is to create a space where visitors can engage with and honor the rich traditions and histories of Indigenous communities."

The Bastrop Museum & Visitor Center encourages community members of all ages to attend this free event and participate in the various activities offered throughout the day.