Haunted Wizards School & Buttered Beer Tavern

  • Scream Hollow
  • 149 Split Rail Lane
  • Smithville, TX 78957
  • Dates: 11/21/2020, 11/22/2020, 11/27/2020, 11/28/2020

Mischief and mayhem - the haunted wizards school creates a dark twist on your favorite wizard experience. Step inside the school for four hauntilingly magical experiences that will have you wishing you learned more to defend yourself against the dark arts. The ghost professors seem to be cursed, beward and be sure to use your magic to get through the night. The school also boasts a buttered beer tavern known for its delightul alcoholic concoctions, pints of suds, and its famous namesake drink. Explore the grounds, shop at the dark village, buy a wand, meet the ghost of the school and be sure not to miss the live music from Wizard Rock Bands. 

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