Everett Wren LIVE at Neighbor's Kitchen & Yard


Everett Wren is a fiddler and multi-instrumentalist whose songs and lyrics wind through misunderstandings and hope in friendships and close relationships. Some songs are upbeat and will inspire you to dance, and some are soulful and will wrap you in multiple harmonies. 

Everett grew up in Arkansas, touring with his family band through the southern USA. After claiming a state fiddle championship, he moved to St. Louis where he recorded and toured throughout the USA with the Americana band Wagon on Hightone Records and Glitterhouse Record Labels. After a move to Austin, Texas, for graduate school in acoustics, he co-founded the popular bands Lost & Nameless and Chalkboard Poets. Having produced several other artists' records, Everett decided to harness the change the pandemic brought and put together his own collection.

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