It's time to shine the spotlight on the heroes in your life and in our community. Get loud and lets here a holler for those making a difference during these unprecedented times. 

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Craig Marshall LIVE at Neighbor's Kitchen and Yard


About: “Craig weaves a bit of rockabilly with a twang and a rock beat. This winning combination showcases his solid songwriting and guitar skills.” – Guitar World

Biography: Craig Marshall's lengthy musical resume stretches back to his teen years performing with various combos in his hometown of Syracuse, New York. He moved to Austin in the early 1990s with his then-band, the country-leaning Delta Rays, but soon found himself founding and leading the locally popular Sinatra-style jazz-swing outfit The Lucky Strikes.
Over the past two decades, the Austin, TX-based singer-songwriter-guitarist has quietly built a remarkably accomplished body of work, drawing upon his wide-ranging musical background to craft engagingly melodic, personally-charged music that's as emotionally resonant as it is catchy.
Along the way, his songs were picked up for a variety of film and TV soundtracks, and his compositions were covered by a variety of artists, including Triple A sweethearts The Kennedys, Austin favorites Charlie Faye, Trish Murphy, and noted country-rocker Penny Jo Pullus.

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