It's time to shine the spotlight on the heroes in your life and in our community. Get loud and lets here a holler for those making a difference during these unprecedented times. 

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Bottlecap Mountain LIVE at Neighbor's Kitchen & Yard


Bottlecap Mountain was hatched in an egg behind its daddy's PA and took its gentle infant naps on the pillow of the kick drum. Its innate abilities are brandished in a performance that is at once familiar and mysteriously difficult to place. The lyrics are like a shoelace pulling the truth together weaving out to the edge of abstraction before gently settling you in. When it kicks it kicks the door in and when it slows down it makes you wish you were heartbroken.

Formed in AUSTIN TEXAS, Bottlecap Mountain has been playing gigs and making records for several years. The group features sensational-singer-songwriter Stewart Gersmann, melodic bass-case Chris Stangland, keyboard lord-ess Yvonne Love & "Lucky" Bruce Earl on guitar. Yvonne & Bruce also sing.

Beatles, Elvis Costello, Kinks, Kate Bush, XTC, Smiths,
Big Star, Who, Pretenders, REM, Yo la tango, Sonic Youth, Buzzcocks, Bowie, Prince, Petty, The Boss, Stevie Wonder, Stevie Nicks, Cindi Lauper, Marvin Gaye, Dusty, The Feelies, Joni, Bob, Cure, Superchunk, magnetic fields, Peter Gabriel

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