Alexander & The Nobles


Genre: Rock, Jazz, Americana

Band Members: Truman Clark, Maxx Mercer

Alexander had been taking piano lessons since age 5, but he came alive when he discovered New Orleans jazz and Mississippi blues at 13. Born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and raised in Austin, Texas, Alexander was primed in the piano professor tradition, but he was determined to make something his own.
* The founding members of Alexander & The Nobles--Maxx Mercer, Ian McKinney, and Truman Clark--all met as South Austin homeschoolers. They were each on a musical path. At 16, Alex won the Old Settlers Youth Competition, and he “interned” with the veteran players in Harold McMillan’s Eastside Jazz scene. He later signed on with pop sensation Charlie Belle as their regular keyboardist. Maxx played for a popular hard-rock band called Skyline. Ian recorded an EP of experimental compositions in the duo, Only Human.
* While a student at ACC, Alex started playing keys for his old English teacher, Brett Allen Reeves, in the B.A.R. Band. When their drummer moved to Spain, they recruited Maxx to play drums.
* During this time, Alex and Brett began writing songs with the explicit aim of staking out a sound for Alexander & The Nobles. They deliberately combined Alex’s piano roots with the Texas songwriter tradition and the contemporary sounds of players like Austin’s Walker Lukens.
* The band took a leap forward when Maxx brought in Truman Clark, who uses his Stratocaster to complement and counter Ian’s work on the Les Paul.
* ATN’s first single was released July 2018, featuring “The Roll” and “Bitch.” Each song in its way draws from the ‘60s. “Bitch” is a slinky soul jam with electric piano and a shuffling gait. “The Roll” dips into Deep Purple and David Bowie to tell the story of a drug experience gone horribly right.

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