A fierce advocate for abolition and women’s rights — as well as the first woman to ever lead an armed military operation in the United States — Harriet Tubman is perhaps one of the most well-known figures of American history. This incredible person is widely perceived as an icon of absolute courage, and her work fighting for the freedoms of African Americans will never be forgotten. In celebration of Juneteenth, we’re doing our part to honor her legacy here in Bastrop. Check out all of the exciting events we have coming up as a part of The Traveling Exhibition: Harriet Tubman — “The Journey to Freedom,” a multi-day art installation sponsored by Pyrology Foundry & Studio, Found Fine Art and the Kerr Community Center.

Harriet Tubman

June 1st
Artist in Studio: Wesley Wofford

“The Journey to Freedom” — a 9-foot tall statue of the famous Harriet Tubman — has traveled throughout the United States since 2020. Now, Texas has the honor of hosting her right here in Bastrop. The statue will be installed from June to August this summer, so there are plenty of chances to marvel at this stunning work of art. If you want to talk to the genius behind this incredible sculpture, on June 1st, you can head to Found Fine Art and hear Wofford’s take on his art and the person who inspired it.

June 8th
The Harriet Tubman of Texas: Story Quilt Project for Children

Harriet Tubman has served as an icon and an inspiration to many other social activists and historical heroes throughout the years. On June 8th, take your kids to the Bastrop Public Library to learn more about Silvia Hector Webber, Texas’s own “Harriet Tubman.” Silvia Webber was among the first settlers in Travis County of Texas, and she, herself a victim of slavery, helped provide asylum for escaped slaves in her area.

Story Quilt

June 13th-19th
Bastrop Freedom Colonies Quilt Exhibition

Twenty descendants from the Bastrop Freedom colony have come together to create a quilt, a project facilitated by the Bastrop County African American Cultural Center. This quilt represents a collective effort and carries the stories and histories of those who made it. In addition to this collaborative piece, the Kerr Community Center is set to feature an array of African American family quilts. Each of these quilts has its own background and significance, offering a glimpse into the personal and communal narratives that they hold.

Bastrop Freedom Colonies Quilt Flier


June 15th
Harriet Tubman Exhibit Unveiling & Bastrop Juneteenth Freedom Celebration

On June 15th, the Harriet Tubman exhibit will be officially unveiled as a part of Bastrop’s Juneteenth Freedom Celebration. There will be a poetry reading, a proclamation, and a fellowship to accompany the exhibit. Once you’ve checked out this stunning work of art, you can explore the Juneteenth celebration in Fisherman’s Park, which offers local vendors, live music, activities for kids, and much more.

June 19th
Dedication of the Exhibit

On the historic day of Juneteenth, Wesley Wofford’s work will receive its official dedication in Bastrop. Head to Kerr Community Park to admire the statue and all it stands for, hear a re-reading of the City’s Proclamation, watch a Praise Dance performance, and enjoy music by Hannibal Lokumbe and other artists.


Celebrate Juneteenth in Bastrop

Head to Bastrop for Juneteenth this summer and discover one of Texas’s most historic small towns. While you’re here, check out everything to do, whether you’re looking to unwind, adventure or anything in between. Plan your stay today — and we’ll see you soon.